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Choose the right make-up artist: The DOs

Updated: Feb 15

How you spend the morning of your wedding day will, of course, set you up for the whole day.

What do you do?

What do you wear?

What do you eat?

And most importantly - who will you surround yourself with?

These people will share a very intimate part of your life with you so please choose them wisely. Here is a few tips when it comes to picking the right person to do your make-up.

Alice getting ready for her wedding. Bridal make-up and hair. Somerset wedding.

1. Search and shortlist Find a few make-up artist in your area/area of your wedding that you like the look of and read through their websites thoroughly.

Which ones seem professional?



There will be one or two that stand out for you.


2. Reviews

Whether it's on Facebook or Google - read your chosen make-up artist's reviews. What do people say about them? And do the reviews seem legit or do they seem like they're written by uncle Phill and the make-up artist's mum, who set up three different accounts just so she can leave three reviews on her daughter's business?


3. Portfolio

Check out your chosen candidates' work. Every make-up artist specialises in something different and no, being a make-up artist doesn't mean, that we can do absolutely anything. It probably means that we are better at various make-up styles than other mortals but it doesn't make us specialists in every single thing.

Do you hardly ever wear make-up? Do you want to feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day? Chose a make-up artist who's speciality is beautiful natural skin and enhanced features (me for example!) - and no, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Do you like glam make-up? Full coverage, contouring, big lashes...? Chose a make-up artist, that specialises in glam.

It really is that simple.


4. Budget

It may seem a bit obvious but... please make sure, that you can afford a make-up artist. Most of us have our prices - or at least some sort of an idea of a price on our websites. Check that before you enquire. There's nothing worse - for both of us - than e-mailing back and forth, really bonding, getting all excited... and then realising that your ideas of how much it should cost are completely unrealistic.

Real life story:

I had a lady messaging me last minute because her make-up artist cancelled on her. We exchanged a few e-mails, I was available, we talked through timings, what style she'd like etc. when she asked:

"Oh and how much do you actually charge for make-up for me and my maid of honour? My budget is £100."

"£100 per person?" I asked.

"No, £100 in total - including trial."


Congratulations. You just wasted fair amount of your time as well as mine.

Considering that the message came through my website it would have taken about two seconds to click on the very obvious button on top of the page that says "Prices" and another five to do the maths and see that what you're asking from me will cost minimum of £295.

So please please please... don't do this to yourselves and don't do this to us. It's fair to ask about any packages or deals but to expect that you can pay us 1/3 of what we normally charge - for no reason at all other than you don't have the budget for it...

Just no.

It's disrespectful.

Don't do it.


5. Gut feeling

You want to spend the morning with someone who's awesome. Someone who you get on really well with and you love their work as well as their personality. You don't have to be besties, but you do have to feel comfortable and safe with them.

Don't underestimate your gut feeling. Seriously!

Hope you found it useful.

Happy make-up artist hunting!


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