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Choose the right make-up artist: The DON'Ts

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

There is so many make-up artists out there that I don't blame you if you get a bit overwhelmed with all the options.

We have already talked about the things to look for when choosing a make-up artist for your wedding... now let's talk about some red flags:

🚩 No website

To me not having a website suggests lack of professionalism and that the mua is not serious about their business.

🚩 Charges too little

If a mua can afford to charge £25 for full face of make-up there could be many reasons:

  • Using very cheap products and tools

  • Not having insurance

  • Being inexperienced and not knowing how much running a business actually costs name just a few.

🚩 Only has pictures of themselves or few other people repeatedly in their portfolio

Meaning that they probably don't have the experience of working with different skin tones, ages, eye shapes... everyone's face is SO different! And yes, sometimes you can wing it. And sometimes you really really can't.

🚩 Their pictures are filtered

Clients need to be able to see what the make-up looks like in real life.

And if you're good - you don't need to use a filter. Simples.

🚩 Tries to cover every mole and beauty mark on your face

There is absolutely no need to erase every single thing that makes you you.

Do you agree? Disagree?

Can you think of other 🚩?


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