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4 Bestest Wedding Nail Polishes

Have you also noticed that the trend of long nails with gemstones and swirls and complicated designs is slowly (or quite quickly actually) dying down?

About 75% of my brides this past year chose a nail polish on their natural nails over gels, acrylics or stick-ons.

And there's absolutely no right or wrong. You do you, mate...

Can't be bothered with nails? Great!

Love all the glitz and glam and believe that more is more? Also great!

But if you chose to go down the more natural route here's my tippity top most favouritest nude nail polishes - perfect for you big day:

"Get the French mani vibe without the faff."

I think that that's how they should promote it!

Sheer nude-y pink, perfect in one coat or you can build it up a bit... It will make your nails look lovely and neat.

Personal favourite... lots of multicoloured sparkle neatly hidden behind light pink facade.

Tip: Check out the My Mood Nail Polish in the shade Smiley £5 - it's the exact dupe!

Another sheer easy to wear polish but this time with a twist!

See the pink and blue shift?

Pretty, huh?

They have 15 shades in this collection to cater for various skin tones and they're all amazing.

Creamy, opaque in 2 layers, quick drying.

And it has very fine shimmer running through so it's not AS obvious if you make a boo boo while painting your nails.

... what's not to love?

I would show you more but after this one the nail on my middle finger definitely broke so that was the end of it...

Do you have a fave wedding-y nail polish to add to the list?


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