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Glowy or matte skin: Which one is better for me?

Updated: Feb 16

One of the questions I always ask my brides is: What is your preferred skin finish?

What are the options? To put it very simply - you can go for glowy or matte.

When choosing what kind of finish you would like to go for, the first thing we need to consider is your skin type so here is a useful guide for you:

Glowy - ideal for:

- mature skin

- skin that is normal/combination/dry

- dehydrated skin

- sallow or tired looking skin

Matte - ideal for:

- pretty much no-one

Okay that's a bit harsh but hear me out! You've heard that saying 'healthy glow', right? But have you ever heard anyone saying "Oh look, she looks so healthy, her skin is so matte!" No? Well there you go.

Unless your skin is extremely oily - matte skin finish will make you look older, more unnatural, cakey or mask-like and your face is going to appear more 'flat'.

And even if your skin is oily I wouldn't necessarily recommend that you insist on matte finish. Your own skin oils will work with the make-up, potentially peaking through here and there as the day progresses. And that's okay. You can touch it up at the right places, but don't stress yourself too much about it. Don't let it be your focus.

Glowy skin on the other hand is going work in your favour 99% of the time. Your skin will appear more youthful and healthy. (Back to that 'healthy glow...')

And even better - it's super low maintenance!

Can you tell I'm a big fan?

  • My absolute favourite products for naturally radiant base are Rodial Glow Booster Drops - use with or without foundation for the 'glow from within' look.

  • And the Dior Forever Glow Foundation - more on the pricey side but SO worth it! You can apply thin layer for very natural even skin or you can build it up if you prefer more coverage. It's literally magic.

Get in touch with me if you'd like me to give you a hand choosing the right shade for you.

Now... are you team matte or glow?

Hope this article helps!


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